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Review of Ben’s Bread in Seattle

Ben’s Bread is a small family-owned business in Seattle. They specialize in different types of breads and baked goods, but I will get to all those in a minute. First, you need to know a little more about how to get the best bread in Seattle. And you need to know who works all the magic to bake the delicious bread!

Ben Campbell is the head baker of all things at Ben’s Bread. He is also the head baker over at the Sea Creatures restaurant group in Seattle. If you have recently tasted what you consider the best bread in Seattle, it was most likely baked by Ben! Megan Campbell runs the business side of things at the Ben’s Bread and she is Ben’s biggest supporter.

The best bread in Seattle – where can you get it?

I happened to discover Ben’s Bread through one of their pop-up bake sales. That’s right, they don’t have a storefront! They simply choose a location, which is usually Willmott’s Ghost or Southpaw Pizza, and set up for their sale. While they announce their pop-up location the week before, I didn’t know anything about it until after I had discovered the pop-up booth.

If you don’t want to miss out on the bread of your choice, I recommend you pre-order it on the Ben Bread’s website. Since you pay online when you order, you don’t need to have any cash or credit cards with you when you pick up your bread. However, if you truly want a treat, bring some money with you. There are often other baked goods just waiting to be snatched up by those lucky enough to arrive before they sell out. Yes, I was one of those fortunate ones, but only because I got really lucky and arrived super early!

From perusing the Ben’s Bread website, I have learned they have multiple types of bread they bake. But they don’t always have those options available at their pop-up locations. And let me tell you, some breads sell out during the pre-orders before Ben even reaches the pop-up location. Remember, he is a one-person baker who works his magic one loaf at a time.

Popular Ben’s Bread Options

  • The Maestro – Imagine sinking your teeth into the best sourdough bread in Seattle. It’s possible with this signature loaf of bread!
  • Seeded Sourdough – A little zip was added to The Maestro with the help of poppy, caraway, fennel, and sesame seeds.
  • Caraway Rye – It is almost impossible for this rye bread to make it to the dinner table!
  • Benne Miso Scallion – Fresh scallions turn this load of bread into one to remember.
  • Ciabatta – A loaf of ciabatta is the perfect solution for sandwiches at lunchtime.
  • Struan – It felt like heaven in my mouth when I bit into a piece of this bread! The whole grains tasted so much better thanks to the honey and yogurt mixed into the dough.
  • Honey Oat – This is a loaf of bread that never lasts long at the pop-up locations.
  • English Muffins – You can eat your English muffins right after you purchase them, because the butter is provided. Trust me when I say you will be looking for a knife as soon as you grab the bag.
  • Parker House Rolls – These rolls can be found on menus all over Seattle, but you can purchase them for your dinner table too.

What I loved the most about Ben’s Bread is he uses ingredients from local growers. Every ingredient he chooses to use is fresh. I discovered the freshness comes through when you sink your teeth into the baked loaf. Ben even chooses to have his grains milled locally. This allows him to know that he is receiving the quality ingredients he chose after the grains are milled.

Ben’s Bread might bake the best bread in Seattle, but that isn’t where Ben and Megan stop supporting the community. It didn’t take me long to realize they support many organizations, both locally and nationally. They choose a percentage of their proceeds to give to many different organizations, but their favorite is Greenplate Special.

Greenplate Special is a local group that shows middle school kids how to grow, harvest, and prepare foods. This is done during summer camps and after school programs.

Ben and Megan are very down to earth people, or least they were when I was at their pop-up. You definitely won’t find anyone more knowledgeable when it comes to baking bread or running a business! They seem to know what their customers are looking for and are always looking for ways to add new breads and goodies to the mix.

Ben may be busy baking the best bread in Seattle, but he would never be too busy to thank a loyal customer for showing up at his pop-ups every time. So, go meet Ben and Megan at their next pop-up and see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Ben’s Bread in Seattle.

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