We contacted Julie for a condo in Madison Park, Seattle. She showed us all the available listings in our price range and handled the negotiation in a professional and pressure free manner. She always made time for us in the period following negotiation and the closing and resolved all outstanding issues. We have referred her to a friend who is looking for a similar property and will use her to sell list our current condo next week.

Jeff K. | Seattle

Julie and her team were extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire process of identifying, negotiation, and closing the purchase of our new home.

Jay B. | Bellevue

Julie was a true professional throughout the entire process when representing us as a buyer in this extreme competitive environment in urban Seattle ($1m+ category). Extremely well prepared and prompt in her communication and home tours with us. Finding the home was the "easy" part (which was really not so easy), but then taking us through the bid process and counseling us on what to expect--- and therefore, what we need to be prepared to do in a relatively quick time frame if we really want the home. Yet at the same moment, protecting our interest by making certain that we are not skipping over steps by waiving important due diligence steps just because other potential buyers may be willing to do so. Attention to detail, organizational processing after the contract signing and to the final closing-- matched her professionalism that started on the first day she agreed to work with us. The experience really makes you appreciate a real pro, as they are far and few between in residential real estate.

Jim A. | Seattle

Julie saved us thousands of dollars. She was an amazing negotiator for a new roof on our purchase and we came in 3% under asking with this crazy market. Everything on our wish list for our purchase and our sale was spot on; she offered clear communication and very prompt service.

Denise A. | Redmond

Julie is a pro from start to finish! She is highly professional yet very approachable. No request was too great, no question went unanswered. Julie was keenly sensitive to the fact we were selling our family home of 23 years, and was very respectful of all that goes along with that process. If I could give her more than five stars, I would!

Kathleen M. | Redmond

I would highly recommend Julie and her team because they are professional and caring. She quickly grasped what I was looking for and patiently helped me find just the right fit. She has a good sense of the market and due to her forthright personality, she also helped the negotiations go smoothly. Julie and her team go above and beyond to coordinate the details of closing and also provide references for any repairs and/or inspections needed. Plus, Julie is very friendly and fun. I appreciated her very much.

Sheri F. | Seattle

My wife and I began planning the sale of our home knowing we would need to sell quickly based on the purchase of a new home. We began working with Julie early on in order plan the right pre-sale activities to maximize our efforts and home appeal. Julie and her team were very thorough in their approach to assessing our home and they put together a plan that made sense for us and our budget. Once we had agreed to the scope of our project leading up to listing the home, they helped manage the timeline and work performed. This made a very stressful time moving house with two small children manageable. Listing through Julie was also very informative. They took care in assessing the value of our home and put forth a sound plan to move our home quickly as time was a major factor. We also chose to stage the house using their services. We believe the choices they made during staging were crucial to the high traffic we saw during the week the house was listed before we accepted an offer. When we listed through Julie, we got a team that had our best interests in mind. They were extremely professional a managed the sale as a project. We felt there was a level of open communication and attentiveness we don't think we would have received if we had gone with another agent. Thank you, Julie and your team, for a great experience.

Casey and Sarah | Seattle & Carnation

We've had nothing but positive experiences working with Julie to both buy and sell our home. I have recommended her again and again to our friends. My only regret is that we've moved out of the Seattle area and cannot use her again!

Erin M. | Seattle

My husband and I have recently purchased a home using Julie as our agent. She was very patient with our many requirements and looked at house after house with us until we found exactly the right one. She even knew when roads were closed that our GPS/Navigation system didn't know about so that saved us time and headaches. She was available on short notice and if she couldn't make it her assistant fit it into her schedule. We got a great price and now have a home we both love! I would highly recommend Julie for your home purchase.

Dawn S. | Seattle

Julie is masterful in contract negotiations! In a very challenging buyers' market, it is imperative that a realtor knows how to properly construct an offer to win against multi bids, as well as how to safeguard their clients if a problem should arise in the inspection/closing process. Julie does this in spades! She knows the market, has an amazing team assembled, and works tirelessly to make all the ends meet for the perfect sale. If not for Julie, our family would not be enjoying the most amazing home in our dream neighborhood today!

Rachel C. | Kirkland

We were so lucky to have Julie as our realtor. She was referred to us by a coworker. She is absolutely the best! She is very professional, patient, detail-oriented and hard working. She always keeps our best interest in mind. She did a fantastic job of negotiating our interests and helping us get our dream house at a great price. We would highly recommend her to all our friends and coworkers who are going to buy/sell a home.

Lei M. | Kirkland

Julie is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. She is thorough and definitely goes the extra mile...I would use her again and again. I highly recommend her. We had tried to sell in a down market...after some time Julie suggested we rent it out. She found us renters...after 2 years when their lease was up and we were living 2500 miles away Julie had the house cleaned and a few things touched up, listed the house and sold it on the first weekend. We were so fortunate to have someone so trustworthy and reliable since we were not living in town.

Pat M. | Seattle

Julie is awesome at what she does! She always returned our calls promptly, and she listened to what we wanted and liked/didn't like. She is professional, honest and always has your best interest in mind. We have used Julie to both buy and sell, and we would use her again in a heartbeat. She is highly recommended!

Katie S. | Sammamish

Julie is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable about the market, the area, and real estate in general, and was always able to answer our questions clearly and provide the best guidance. She was amazingly perceptive about not only what we wanted in a home, but about what would work well for us and what wouldn't. This skill manifested itself frequently, whether it was finding good listings for us to look at, weeding out ones that would be a waste of time, or saving us from ourselves when we were thinking more impulsively than wisely. When it comes negotiating a home purchase, Julie's skills are second to none. She has an amazing knack for assessing the facts and numbers unique to each listing, and knowing when to push and when not to. As a result, we were able to buy our home for significantly less than the asking price, plus the buyer picked up closing costs and agreed to repair all of the items we had requested as a result of the inspection. On top of all of this, Julie is a great person – we very much enjoyed getting to know her throughout the process. She's smart, professional, ethical, and likable to boot! If I could give here more than five stars I would.

Steve M. | Duvall

We had tried to sell our house the fall prior to listing with Julie and unfortunately the realtor we chose did not do their job and we had a very negative experience…..She explained that it's not just about the showings and open houses as the process is ongoing during the negotiation with the potential buyer as well as with the assessor and inspector. She helped us with staging the house and providing advice to make the biggest impact for showings…..Julie kept in constant communication with us during the process and we accepted the offer that Julie selected as the most solid one. She negotiated with the buying agent after the inspection and we were extremely happy with the outcome as our offer was above our asking price! I highly recommend Julie as she is professional, honest and works for her client. Thank you Julie for making such a large transaction go so smoothly and exceeding our expectations!

Penny | Bellevue

We hired Julie to list and sell our home in 2010, not the best time to sell a house. Julie was incredibly helpful in making suggestions on how to market our home in a tough real estate market. She was professional, knowledgeable and had good instincts when it came time to negotiate with the buyers. We would definitely use Julie again.

Kristy M. | Seattle

We listed our Hollywood Hill home with Julie, and closed the sale quickly with her guidance and negotiating skills. The professional photos she used for the flyer presented the best features of the home and stimulated interest in the property. She held an open house immediately to introduce the property to neighbors and generate word-of-mouth enthusiasm for the home. Julie is a consummate professional: thorough, personable, attentive to all details and skillful at using modern technology to keep the paper flowing between buyer and seller, resulting in a seamless transaction and the earliest possible closing date.

Sharon C. | Woodinville