1 You Will Make More Money. U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell, on average for 17% higher than a home that is not staged.

2 Your House Will Sell Faster. Research has shown that staged homes sell nearly 40% faster than other homes on the market.

3 Appeal to a Broad Range of Buyers. Staged homes accentuate your home’s best features to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to the largest pool of perspective buyers.

4 Curb Appeal: Entice buyers to Come Inside. When home buyers first pull up in front of a home for sale, they make up their minds in seconds whether to get out of their car or drive on. A manicured lawn, maintained flower beds, pruning, pressure washing and flower pots make buyers want to see what is inside.

5 Your Online Photos Will Stand Out Amongst the Competition. Over 95% of Buyers are searching for homes online first before deciding to visit. Having multiple photos of your beautifully staged home will make you stand out among the competition!

6 Only 10% of Homebuyers Can Visualize the Potential of a Home. Staging defines spaces in a home and shows Buyers how they might use these spaces for varied uses.

7 Get Organized for Your Move. Besides selling your home, the effort of staging helps you get rid of clutter, pare down your furnishings, and organize for your move.

8 Leaving Your House “AS IS” Will Help Sell the Competition. Buyers have high expectations. Successful agents know that the key to competing is professional staging. Staging creates compelling online presentations, driving buyer traffic to the home.

9 Relax. You will know you have done everything possible to enable a quick sale of your most valuable asset.