When you decide to sell your home, Julie and her team will walk you through the important steps to Prepare, Position & Profit, which will help you secure top dollar for your home.

Prepare ~ Selling a home requires preparation; Preparation is the key to success. Julie and her team are skilled at setting your home apart, showing its unique qualities to make it stand out among the other homes on the market. When it comes to getting the highest price for your home, Julie and her team use their experience and expertise to get the job done.

Position ~ Julie and her team specialize in target marketing and staging for demographics. They will highlight your home's best features and minimize any drawbacks so buyers can visualize themselves in your home without distraction.

Over 95% of buyers first see your home in online photos and then decide whether or not they will visit your home. Using their expertise in home preparation and positioning, Julie and her team will help you create your most crucial marketing tools -- attractive, compelling photographs.

Profit ~ Julie will use her expertise in marketing, negotiation, transaction forms and financing. When selling your home, their goal is to get the highest return and most favorable terms in the least amount of time.